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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do water features use much water?

A. No, all our water features recycle water via the submersible pump installed in the reservoir.

Outdoor water features can be great for the environment and for troubled wildlife in times of drought. We are very water conscious and most models are splash free. It is also imperative the water level is maintained at all times for optimal operation of the water feature. As well as preventing damage to the submersible pump, it will also reduce the flow of water.

Water will evaporate continually at different rates depending on the location of the water feature (indoors/outdoors) and the atmospheric conditions such as wind, heat, humidity and air conditioning and for this reason we recommend monitoring the water level based on these variables. This will give you a fair indication when water top up is required.

Where there is an existing connection to a water supply we can also install a water top up system into the reservoir and it will automatically top up the water as needed for peace of mind and a no fuss operation of the water feature.

Q. How much maintenance is required for a water feature?

A. Naturally an indoor water feature tends to stay cleaner than an outdoor one as it doesn't attract dirt, debris, dead leaves and twigs. However whether you have an indoor or outdoor water feature, you need to clean it regularly. Change the water as needed depending on the water quality in your area and the location of the water feature (indoors or outdoors). For a general clean we recommend Windex Surface and Glass cleaner for stainless steel, glass and tiled surfaces.

Always use a soft cloth like a microfibre cloth and never use a scourer as this will permanently damage the surface. Never add chlorine or bleach to the water as it is very corrosive and will permanently damage the water feature surfaces, pump and fittings.

Calcium deposits can build up over time caused by the mineral content in water. Filling the reservoir with demineralized water can prevent this problem or alternatively it can be gently cleaned off with CLR on a regular basis for stainless steel and glass surfaces. CLR is not recommended for copper,tiles or stacked stone/natural stone surfaces. Please follow instructions on the CLR bottle and rinse all surfaces completely with clean water,followed with Windex Surface and Glass cleaner before recommissioning the water feature.

To keep the calcium deposits at bay we can also install a water clarifier system into the reservoir.

Q. Do water features include a pump?

A. Some water features come supplied with a submersible pump and are priced accordingly. Please check the profile details for specific water features for the inclusion of a pump. Higher quality pumps are available on request at an additional cost. Please contact us for prices.

Pumps come with their own manufacturer's warranty. Please Note: The pump warranty does not include labour costs for removal, reinstatement or commission of pump or any freight charges incurred.

Q. Can you do installation?

A. Yes, FocalPoint Water Features offers a complete service including design, delivery and installation. Please contact us for pricing.

Q. Are water features easy to install myself?

A. Yes, our free standing water features are designed to be relocatable and are easy for a tradesman to install.