Focal Point Water Features


The Home
  • Does your home need that extra something? Something unique? Merging the dynamics of art and water can instantly create the look you are after, in your home or outdoor area. A beautiful water feature can make a great conversation piece as well as an interesting focal point amongst the surrounding elements. It can make a dramatic impact or an atmosphere of tranquility. The choice is yours!

The Office
  • Enhance your carefully thought-out corporate decor to project the image you want. An innovative indoor water feature can create this effect.

The Professional
  • Doctors, dentists and other health consultants: you require a certain ambience, an atmosphere conducive to helping your clients have a relaxing experience as they consult. A water feature will help make this happen.

Retail Outlets - Cafes, Restaurants, Shops etc
  • Great potential to create an air of welcome to your customers and to 'catch the eye' of passers by. The possibilities are endless, with translucency, reflectivity, movement, texture, colour, lights and sound (of the water) all come into play to create the WOW FACTOR you are after.

FocalPoint Water Features are manufacturers of Water Features and fountains for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are renovating your office, foyer, entry or garden. FocalPoint Water Features have pre-designed features to choose from, or let us custom make your design.

We can also fabricate to your requirements aluminium or stainless steel signage, decorative screens and panels, letter boxes, metal art work, kitchen benches (commercial and residential), outdoor kitchens, tables, planter boxes...... basically anything to do with fabrication!

Nationwide Manufacturers, Suppliers & Sales of the highest quality Australian made Water Features to Brisbane North, South, East and West, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Cairns, Newcastle, Lismore, Noosa, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, Australia and everywhere in between.


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